ISO 45001

ISO 45001 brings occupational health and safety standards into the new ISO annex SL structure as the first globally recognised health and safety standard.We can help you understand what is in the new standard, what requirements it places upon your business, and how your business can transition to or achieve ISO 45001:2018.

What we can do

Our team of Safety and Health consultants can help you achieve or transition to ISO 45001. Our support is designed to maximise the business value that achieving certification to ISO 45001 can deliver.ISO Professional can support you through each stage of the development and implementation of your management system, whether this is an existing system

Preparation and planning

  •  Gap analysis – independent expertise to evaluate the likely workload and timeframe to implement a management system that meets the ISO 45001 standard, providing you with an implementation plan 
  •  Leadership support – mentoring, IRCA accredited training and useful planning aids to facilitate strategic decision making and integrate the system into everyday processes


  •  Compliance Documentation – the ISO standards simplify the requirements for documentation, we can help you establish processes that ensures appropriate documentation is in place that documents compliance with the system
  •  Legal/risk registers – our unique solution is designed for ISO 45001 and supports a truly international management system with bi-annually updated comprehensive local and global legal registers with supporting guidance notes and a network of 60 globally based consultants providing local knowledge and support

Auditing and certification

  • Auditor training – we can provide a range of training for internal auditors for ISO 45001 
  • Auditing - our independent audits assess your business without bias and help benchmark your performance, particularly useful prior to certification or recertification or as part of your ongoing monitoring and continual improvement


Your Next Steps

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