What is AS9100 Revision D?

AS9100 is an international management system standard for the aircraft space and defence industry (AS&D). This standard gives suppliers a comprehensive quality management system for providing safe and reliable products to the aerospace industry. AS 9100 also addresses civil and military aviation requirements.

 The AS9100 group of standards is aligned with ISO 9001 (quality management), and has been tailored specifically for the aerospace industry, with enhanced focus on safety, reliability and regulatory compliance.

Quality and reliability are essential for the aerospace industry, where errors, shortcuts, or lack of attention to detail can be fatal. A quality management system (QMS) helps to reduce risks, ensures consistency, and provides a reliable framework for the whole supply chain. Communication is essential, and this standard list seven areas for consideration, from clarifying engineering requirements to managing test specimens, and right of access to suppliers’ facilities.


What are the benefits of AS 9100 Standard?

  1. Certification is recognised by the aerospace industry.
  2. Improved processes and procedures can lead to efficiencies and cost saving.
  3. Meeting or exceeding customer and regulatory requirements to ensure satisfaction
  4. Ensuring processes necessary to conducting day-to-day business are defined and managed
  5. Documentation that accurately reflects the work being performed and actions taken
  6. Focusing on the complete supply chain and stakeholders
  7. Fewer customer unique documents
  8. Recognition by Regulatory Authorities
  9. Greater business opportunities, greater customer satisfaction, and business growth



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